Top Online Poker Rooms

While we concentrate most of our efforts testing out Online Casinos, with the popularity of poker today we couldn’t resist making at least a handful of poker room recommendations. A good poker room means a lot more than just having the right software, it means having a critical mass of players (so you can always find a table to your liking), low rakes, and great tournaments. That said, here’s our top 6 poker rooms to play:

Party Poker Screenshot
#1 – Party Poker

With recent improvements to their software, this long time favorite of millions of players around the world offers more reason to play than ever.

Offering a good variety of poker types, lots of players at any given time, and a generous 100% bonus up to $500 in free chips.

Poker Stars Screenshot
#2 – Poker Stars

Tougher competition than some other rooms, but an easy place to find a game at your limits, whatever they might be.

Lots of tournament action and qualifiers, and currently offering a 100% bonus up to $50 free for new players.

Full Tilt Screenshot
#3 – Full Tilt Poker

One of the more fun rooms for casual players, allows players to use custom icons, and has everything from micro limit to high stake tables and tournaments.

Currently offering an impressive 100% bonus up to $600 free for new players.

Bodog Poker
#4 – Bodog Poker

While it’s not the prettiest or busiest poker room there is – a lot of the Hold’em players there are really bad, having come over from Bodog’s sportsbook or Casinos to try their luck for the first time.

Decent software with lots of fish and a 110% first deposit bonus up to $500.

Doyle's Room
#5 – Doyle’s Room

Offering an excellent variety of tournament games, great customer support and fast withdrawal processing, and occasionally Doyle himself playing at the tables.

Great poker school/tips available to members, offering a 110% “Super Bonus” up to $550 free.

PKR Screenshot
#6 – PKR

It doesn’t offer the biggest variety of poker types, but the presentation is unlike any other poker room out there. PKR brings online poker to a third dimension, playing a lot like a ‘video game’.

Offering 3 different bonuses depending on how much you plan to play, including a 100% up to $2,000 deal!